The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) took place September 8 to September 18th 2016 and Masters of Romance was there! Several members of cast and crew had the privilege of attending exclusive TIFF events.

Three out of four of our cast members attended the first TIFF event held by First Weekend Club at The Mod Club. First Weekend Club promotes the attendance of home-grown films at the theatres on opening weekend to help boost box office sales results in an effort to keep them released longer or to gain wider distribution. Roger Doche, Jefferson Brown and Yolanda Beasley were delighted to share each other’s company; the first time these three were under the same roof since Masters of Romance wrapped production. Contributor Kathryn Greco and Social Media Specialist Mahreen Saleem were there to join the fun.tiff-cast

Roger Doche, Yolanda Beasley and Social Media Specialist Mahreen Saleem enjoyed rooftop views and lively conversation with industry socialites until late into the evening at the Hollywood North TIFF party held at the swanky Lavelle lounge

.roger-yolanda mahreen-yolanda

Then it was off to The Ritz- Carlton for a memorable evening where Yolanda Beasley reconnected with old friends and made new ones. It seemed everyone in Toronto’s film industry was in attendance that night.yolanda-friends yolanda-friends2

Finally, Masters of Romance cast and crew, Yolanda, Mahreen and Kathryn celebrated the success of upcoming independent Canadian film featuring Masters of Romance star Jefferson Brown, Adam’s Testament at the Berkeley Church. Yolanda and Kathryn were especially proud to show their support for the film as it was produced by and features actor friends of theirs.yolanda-kathryn-friends


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