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The Story: “Masters of Romance”

This film is a fun, fantasy romcom about four forty-somethings who can’t seem to get love right.

Former Oshawa high school sweethearts Krista and Alex cross paths twenty-five years later, but have one day to figure out if they can make their relationship work.

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With a small cast and crew, we need cheerleaders. Knowing you’re behind us from the very beginning will help fuel our fire.

Becoming a contributor, you instantly feel like you’re part of the film because you are! Our movie becomes your movie too. So our success is your success.

There are plenty of tangible benefits to contributing as well such as a signed movie poster, copy of the film, IMDB thank you credit, film credit, and tickets to the VIP private screening of the film! Benefits vary by contribution level so click here to see all the benefits of contributing to Masters of Romance Movie.

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Why Crowdfunding Indie Film is Important

Filmmaking is changing all the time with new technology, cameras and distribution methods. On one hand, it makes it easier for indie filmmakers to produce films, but on the other hand, Hollywood still dominates the box office, investing in big-budget features.

Low budget and micro-budget filmmaking is expanding and, thanks to services like Netflix, Amazon and iTunes, indie filmmakers are getting a direct route to their audiences. The main difficulty at this budget level is financing.

Producers have to secure financing against distribution deals or borrow funding from government agencies, which takes several months to hear back on whether or not the film qualifies and they often require producers to repay the loan on first day of shooting. Private investors tend to prefer to invest in bigger-budget films believing it will produce a higher quality product and that means the producer loses creative control.

Films like Masters of Romance or Edward Burns’ Newlyweds are co-op films, which means the actors’ union has agreed to allow cast to defer fees in favour of a share of revenue and a distributor cannot be attached until after filming is completed.

For films at this level, especially for new filmmakers, distribution typically comes once the film is completed. How does an indie film get distribution? By screening at film festivals.

Now that Masters of Romance is in post-production, the next phase is to submit to film festivals. For more info on film festivals, click here.

Submitting to Film Festivals

The best route for gaining industry buzz and distribution is through screening at film festivals. Not all festivals are the same. Some of the top festivals are Berlin, Venice, Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, and Tiff.

What puts them on top? They’re highly selective about the films they screen, they draw the biggest audiences, press, and celebrities, but also many of them are film markets.

A film market is where distributors go to buy films. Strong films that generate festival buzz could draw multiple offers and high prices. Other films could get picked up with no up-front offer, which could mean the filmmaker makes no money out of the deal ever.

These festivals place screening restrictions on qualifying films because they want exclusivity. For example, a film accepted to Cannes cannot have screened anywhere else in the world except for the country of origin. A film at TIFF is preferred to not have screened in North America.

This limits filmmaker options in that if the film doesn’t get accepted to TIFF, there could be a long wait to submit to other North American festivals and even then, there’s no guarantee it will be accepted there either.

Each festival submission fee ranges from $25-155 so it’s important to have a selection strategy. For Masters of Romance, we’re choosing festivals where Masters of Romance stands the best chance of not just getting accepted, but also gets the exposure it deserves. We might only need to submit to one or two, but who knows, we may need to submit to ten or more.

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Helen Keegan (4x) Conor McCreery Roberta Rankin Jerron Spencer Mark Lobo Joanne Howard Bill Howard Andrea Rowland Kristine Dandavino Roberta Wanagat-Rankin Lee Howard Diane & Tim Colin Burwell Miranda Beasley Caylie Mccrae Jill Foley Mary Krohnert Olinda Casimiro Emily Prior Zac Mansfield Chris Young Renee Savelle Marsha Barrett-Lehikoinen Joe Bradley Kathryn Greco Geoff Lloyd Tracy Brentnall-Fox Michel Doche (2x) Nicole Rubacha Darla Price Sheetal Laar Angie Matchett Caroline Swords Sydney Young Yen Mac Sarika Dagar Debbie Jorgensen Ali Adatia Ann Pornel Rusa Jeremic Bob Garden Neil Whitely Lloyd Edwards Nancy McKinnon Curtis Fletcher Garri-Lee Lovell Alanna BrownLisa Levins JoAnne Luetchford Marlon Arscott Julie MacIsaac Preston Sarazin

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